Combining business intelligence analytics and marketing technology software in one, easy-to-use platform

Get a significant competitive advantage with our easy-to-use, AI-powered growth software. Terrax fits perfectly into your marketing and strategy workflow and helps you understand, predict and reach your most valuable customers.   

Our proprietary algorithms feed into a powerful AI, uniquely focused on the most fundamental and impactful industry – AgriFood. Terrax understands humanity’s complex and ever-changing relationship with food and allows brands to be nimble, reactive and data-driven.

The ubiquitous provider of AI growth software from farm to fork.​


Here to help at every step of the way. Choose any combination of our three core components,

accessible from any device, anytime, to fit seamlessly into your daily workflow.


Gain foresight with machine learning.

Terrax analyses all your available data to deliver a unique array of insights and predictions tailored to your products and brand.


At the centre of your business, and ours.

Our most powerful and state-of-the art  technology delivers the most accurate customer segmentation and lifetime value prediction.


Launch your campaigns with confidence. 

Terrax helps to inspire, optimise and automate your campaign and marketing activities by suggesting effective content and messaging.

Simply plug in your data and harvest the benefits

Identify important trends and concepts affecting your products and brand, helping you make quicker and more effective decisions.

Know your most valuable customers and so optimise your marketing and advertising budget to drive a more efficient revenue growth.

Refine your marketing content and messaging to engage your potential customers more effectively.


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Don't be left behind in the AI revolution and join us on our journey to build the AgriFood software tools of the future.

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Helping you grow and become sustainable.

Sustainable brands are the future, but to grow a business requires a complex understanding of not just your customers, but the world around them. How can one find a space and compete with the massive players? 
Terrax can help. Because it uniquely looks at data from the entire AgriFood industry – from farm to fork – it allows you to see the bigger picture. You can make informed choices that help make your brand more sustainable and ethical (without compromising on cost) and confidently communicate that with your customers. 


 Terrax is the smart way forward.


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